Vikings in Stockholm

May 9,2017

Do you wish to find out how the Vikings really lived? The Viking Age was from around the year 700 until 1100 and was an important part of Scandinavian History.

The museum Vikingaliv – life of the Vikings – just opened in Stockholm and will open your eyes about the Vikings. Far from the violent stories of  plundering, pillaging and helmets with horns, this is the real story, based on historic facts.

Listen to the Swedish Historian Dick Harrison: “The Vikings are the most falsified characters in our country. We’re going to change that and at the same time provide a colourful and exciting historic tale about our ancient norsemen”. The museum houses an exhibition about the lives of the Vikings as farmers, fishermen, traders and adventurous explorers. You will also learn more about the important role played by the women in the society. Let yourself be captivated by the dramatized ride of 11 minutes through the Viking’s fates and adventures – Ragnfrids Saga. The museum is located in an old boat house on Djurgården close to the Vasa museum and will clear up some myths about the Vikings and raise new questions about the past of Scandinavia.

The Restaurant Aifur in the Old Town also lets you experience the life of the Vikings – Here they serve food based on traditional cooking from past times and the entertainment takes you back to Sweden of centuries ago. The decorations and furniture is based on finds from the Viking Age.

The island Birka in the Lake Mälaren was a main settlement of the Vikings and the venue for big finds through archeological digs.  The island can be visited during the summer – if you wish to find out even more about the Viking Life in Sweden.

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