Our favorite time is here!

Jun 12,2017

May and June are fantastic – The bright evenings, the mild winds, the romantic atmosphere. During the darker months we work on preparing events and many will now take place. It gives us the chance to show you our beautiful home-town in the magic light.

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting one of the sponsors and some guests for the UEFA European League final in Stockholm.

The city was busting at the seams with 50 000 persons at the Friends Arena and thousands of persons on the streets all day – and night. Olof was in charge of the logistics with coaches, hostesses and activities for 2 days.

Our latest Gala event at the Stockholm City Hall was – as always – successful and very impressive. 120 guests enjoyed a prize ceremony and dinner with entertainment. Martha took great care of ensuring the quality and timing of all services for the incentive trip.

Dinners in the archipelago are exclusive and unusual in their own unique way and a fantastic experience for the guests. Simple back to basics but still full of enjoyment or Michelin quality food in the most unusual venues.

Come and let us show you Stockholm in the midsummer light!