Crayfish season is about to begin!

Crayfish season is about to begin!

Here in Sweden, people are crazy about seafood and since the country is surrounded by water you can catch some amazing seafood.

The traditional Crayfish is caught in lakes and rivers around 10th of August. Because of diminishing local stocks, most Swedes eat Crayfish from faraway countries. That does not stop the parties though. As the summer nights get shorter, and everyone is coming back from their holidays at the beginning of August, the kräftskiva, is a nice way to say one last goodbye to the summer and hello to the autumn. Friends are invited and all kinds of crayfish and usually some cheese from the North called Västerbottensost, some dips and – of course – drinks are served. Bibs as well as paper hats are worn and after a couple of beers, one will eventually get in the mood of singing. After eating as much crayfish as one possibly can, and singing the summer goodbye, autumn can start to show off its beautiful colours.

Later in the autumn Langoustines are caught along the coasts and you can join excursions on a fishing boat where the crayfish is cooked right after it is caught.

The best way to get to know a destination is definitively by exploring the food culture.

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